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Minnewashta Retreat

Today’s shot was taken at Lake Minnewashta only a few miles from my house.  It’s actually my friend Keith’s backyard.  He’s got an absolutely unbelievable spot located right on the lake.  I’m pretty sure I’d have a bonfire just about every night if this were my yard!  I was visiting Keith to talk photography as […]

Canal Point Lighthouse

This is the Canal Point Lighthouse in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  It is located at the end of a long pier that creates a breakwater for the canal that bisects Door County.  This canal allows boats to travel from Lake Michigan to Green Bay without having to travel all the way around the peninsula.  Even though […]

Whitefish Dunes

This shot was a first for me – it was the first time my wife came with on a dawn shoot.  We were in Door County for our 5 year wedding anniversary – and I couldn’t resist trying to get a little work done while I was there.  Fortunately, this spot was a reasonable walk […]

Keeping Cinque Terre Safe

As you walk down the final parts of the Via del Amore’ in Cinque Terre into Monterosso, if you look on the left at the base of the castle you see a cool bit of history left over from World War II.  During WWII, the Germans built the low rounded bunker to defend the coastline […]

The Spooky Tree

There are lots of cool things to shoot at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – pretty much every place you aim the camera.  This cool gnarly spooky-lookin’ tree hadn’t quite got leaves yet this spring when this picture was taken making it look all that much more spooky. Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 17-40 […]

The Fall Glow

One of my favorite location is on the backwaters of the Mississippi just across from downtown Minneapolis.  This spot is on the iron railroad bridge leading from Nicollet Island to Boom Island.  This was taken on a gray fall day over my lunch hour – and I was on a photowalk with my co-workers.  This […]

Looking Towards Lanai

You have no idea how deadly this shot really was.  The cool looking black rocks at the bottom of the pictures?  Slick as glass.  To really get a good shot here, I had to wander way farther out into the slick glassy rocks than I really wanted to.  One wipeout would have left me with […]

See, Horse?

This shot was taken deep in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on a trip Heather and I made back in ’05.  It was the first time I tried doing the trip with a DSLR, so I spent the week toting a good-sized Pelican Case everywhere we went.  This picture was taken on Seahorse Lake on […]

Time to Roll!

With only a few days left until RAGBRAI, I had to pull one from the cycling archives from RAGBRAI 2007.  This one was taken shortly after dawn in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa on the last day of the ride.  This was a nicely rolling section that let us make unbelievable time so we […]