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This totally blows.

Photo tip of the day – when you’ve got puffy clouds, ALWAYS get out your polarizer!  That’s how you get them to pop out this clearly against the blue sky.  The polarizer makes the blue of the sky much bluer. This shot was from an open house at FarmAmerica in Waseca – the world famous […]

Rockport Dinghys

This shot was taken in Rockport, MA shortly before sundown last night.  The building in the background is a very famous subject – it’s called Motif #1 and there are zillions of paintings, drawings, and pictures of that thing.  In reality, it’s a crab fishing shack. This is proof positive of the old adage “To […]

The Black Tusk II

Here’s another view of the Black Tusk taken during our 2009 trip to Whistler.  Being that I was skiing, I didn’t have my normal camera gear and took this shot with a Canon G9 that I carry in the pocket of my ski jacket.  Every place you look in British Columbia has views like this […]

Coyote Canyon Verbenas

One last shot from the Anza Borrego shoot from this spring.  This one was taken in ‘the mother lode’ – a cache of flowers about 2 miles off the road that we found while hiking.  This shot was a little right of a few others I’ve shown.  The goal behind this one was to get […]

Remembering the Heroes

Even though this is a repost from only a week or so ago – it was such a fitting picture for today that I couldn’t resist re-running it as a big thank you to everyone that gave everything to defend our freedom. For today at least – it’s not about the picture, it’s about the […]

Dusk in San Diego

Since I’m here – I thought it would be good to post one from here.  No – it wasn’t taken on this trip, but does it matter?  I don’t actually have any camera gear along this trip – except for a little Canon G9 which hasn’t left my briefcase.  This one was taken in March […]

Farm on the Hill

I’ve seen this shot every time I’ve driven through the Arboretum.  I finally had the opportunity to shoot it as we were setting up for a birthday picnic.  I’d still love to go back and get it right at dusk when the light is better – but I’m happy with how this turned out.  This […]

PRINT SALE – Second Beach Sunset

This week’s print sale is one of my favorites.  It was taken April 2008 on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.  It was actually our first night out – and everything came together that night.  You can own a print of this at a very good price.. check it out! All prints are unframed – […]

Christian’s Bale

Okay – sorry for the stupid pun in the title.  This shot is from Whidbey Island over the 4th of July last year.  On the 3rd, Raul and I were wandering the island scouting for good spots.  I always meant to get back here for the golden hour, but it never came together.  I used […]


This shot is from the Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Bloomington.  I made it on Saturday morning as the family was visiting Heather’s mother to say Happy Mother’s Day.  There isn’t much else to be said for the shot – 0ther than that this is a strong reminder of the sacrifices made by our heroes. […]