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Print Sale – Vernazza Harbor

It’s Friday again – that means time to put another print up for sale.  This time, I’m offering my Vernazza Harbor shot.  This is a shot that I’ve printed and framed at 16×24 – and it looks GREAT!  Prices are very reasonable – so give it a shot by clicking here: BUY Thanks for looking!

The Hana Highway

Sure, it’s only 52 miles long.  It’ll still take you hours to make the cruise out to Hana on the Hana Highway.  It’s pretty difficult to get over 15 mph – and why would you?  It’s a beautiful drive with literally dozens of waterfalls along the way.  Once you get to Hana – there isn’t […]

A Walk in the Woods

Here’s another shot from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  It’s about a hundred yards down the trail from the swamp picture from two days ago.  This picture was a challenge to get – not because of the subject or the conditions, but because I was pushing a stroller down the path and towing a 2.5 year […]

Springtime Swamp Grass

This shot was taken this afternoon at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum near Chanhassen, MN.  I had the kids out for a little getaway while their mother was playing tennis.  Up until now, I had only scouted the three mile road for shots – this was my first time heading down the trail.  It probably was […]

Surf at the Keanae Peninsula

This was taken on the Keanae Peninsula on the way out to Hana.  We had been weaving our way up the coast for a couple of hours when we hit this fantastic spot.  I loved it so much, I went back the next morning to shoot it at dawn.  We ended up spending an hour […]

Orvieto Hillside

The hill town of Orvieto is between Rome and Tuscany in central Italy.  These towns are built on plateaus – presumably for security in ancient times.  Orvieto was frequently used as a refuge by the Pope when the going got rough.  This shot is of some medieval ruins near the funicular station. Vital Stats: Canon […]

Print Sale – The Edge of Assisi

This shot is from the village of Assisi – home of St. Francis. I’m trying something new today.  I’m offering one of my best prints for sale.  This is one that is hanging in my house – and I think it’ll look great in yours. If interested.. click here to open the sale window, then […]

Manarola Harbor

Another post from the Cinque Terre area – this time it’s town #2, Manarola.  This shot was actually taken from the town cemetary perched high above the town and the sea below.  I gotta say – it would be quite a place to spend eternity!  We briefly stopped here for a little pizza and wine […]

The First Rule of Warclub is..

The first rule of Warclub.. is that there IS NO WARCLUB. Lake – that is.  This is just off Warclub Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near the end of the Gunflint Trail.  This isn’t the easiest area to get into – and it would be mighty tough if we were fully loaded.  As […]

Lake of the Dead

Sorry Charlie – I can’t remember exactly what lake this is.  I do know that it’s very near Flying Lake just off the Gunflint Trail.  I seriously think a swamp wraith lives in there someplace.  Heather and I were on our way in for 5 days of canoeing with our friends the Tufvanders when we […]