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Kehei Sunset

Always bring your tripod.  Repeat after me, always bring your tripod.  I really should be slapped for being out at dusk in Hawaii without mine.  Sure enough, it was a picture perfect sunset – and I had no tripod.  Of course, I was at a groom’s dinner. To make up for it, I had to […]

Minutes from Dusk

This picture of the stacks at Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula was taken just a few minutes after this previously features image: Second Beach.  The sun had already set and things were getting dark – and very indigo.  The waves had also calmed down and everything took on a much more tranquil look.  I […]

Sand Verbenas

We returned to the Motherload last night to give it one last shot at making a memorable picture.  It was a hot, dry day in Borrego Springs – and these conditions really took a toll on the wildflowers.  The amount of wilting made it clear that we really only had one more crack at getting […]

Rockin’ Flowers

Our big mistake yesterday morning was that we didn’t go deep enough into Borrego Palm canyon to shoot.  We discovered when we hiked up the canyon yesterday that we were missing the best flowers.   We rose way before dawn, scrambled the extra half-mile up the dry washes, and found some great spots.  This particular rock […]

Morning Brittlebushes

This shot was from our morning hike up Borrego Palm canyon right behind our campground.  This is one of the two best areas that we’ve found to shoot at so far.  There are bushes like this literally everywhere dotting the washes and rocks with splashes of yellow.  We rose way before dawn and hiked into […]

Anza-Borrego Wildflowers

I’m in the midst of a trip to Southern California to shoot the spring wildflowers with Jon Cornforth.  For the past couple of days, we’ve been busily scouting out some locations.  Last night was the first time that we really got to get shooting, so we headed for Henderson Road just outside of Borrego Springs […]

A Peerless Scene

Minus tides are pretty cool – lots of things are exposed that usually aren’t.  Of course, a lot of the stuff that is exposed I’d broadly characterize as “muck”.  This was one of the cooler sites – it is the pilings for an old pier at Whidbey Island.  We were walking around at low tide […]

Flying Lake in the Rain

Flying Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a crossroads between a couple of major routes.  As such, I’ve passed through this lake several times either coming or going to somewhere else but I’ve never stayed there since there isn’t a campsite on Flying Lake. It’s a struggle to get to Flying Lake – […]

I paid the price.

Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.  This picture earned me a boot full of water and a saltwater ‘n sand soaked tripod.  I was taking pictures of water retreating from the beach at sunset, and the surf just wasn’t quite close enough.  I moved up right to the high water line and started […]

The Keanae Shorline

This is a picture from our trip to Maui back in September, 2008.  I made a frantic 1-hour race in the dark down the Hana Highway so that I could be at Keanae at dawn – and got there just in time.  I’ve got a number of other sunrise shots from this shoot that have […]