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Surfin’ Bird

This was taken at a little beach just outside of Hana on Maui.  We had driven to see the Seven Sacred Pools for the afternoon and stopped by this little locals beach on the way back.  There were several locals out surfing on a beautiful fall day – and this young lady was one of […]

The Olympic Black Tusk

I’m sure this statue has a name – I just don’t know what it is.  What I do know is that it’s the Olympic Logo statue that is located at the peak of Whistler Mountain.  Whistler is going to be the site of all the skiing events for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics – so […]

Old Man River

This is another photo from the fall photowalk that I took over lunch late October.  This picture was taken from the Portland Ave. bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  I never quite realized it, but that bridge vibrates like crazy when somebody drives over it.  This made it tough to get a telephoto shot of the barge […]

Second Beach Driftwood

This is an environmental shot from when we were setting up for this shot:  Second Beach We had just arrived on Second Beach and moments before we were scrambling over the logs in the left of the frame.  It’s hard to believe that these entire trees were tossed up there like toothpicks during the strong […]

They Call It Stormy Monday

This photo is a companion shot to an earlier picture posted on T3 Imagery because it was taken just moments after the other shot facing the other direction.  The other photo was posted back on December 18th, 2008 – “Spring Storms on the Prairie“.  The big wave of black clouds shown in that picture is […]

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz, in the region where the Rhine and Mosel intersect, is considered by Rick Steves to be the grandest castle in Europe.  It’s amazing – and so is the view when you approach it.  Since it’s down in a valley, you get a fantastic view of it as you walk down the road to […]

The Hana Highway Waterfalls

Looking back – it’s probably lucky that I had any water in this shot at all.  The Hana Highway on Maui is legendary for the dozens of waterfalls that can be seen from the serpentine road that connects Hana to the rest of the world.  It also is one of the wetter places on the […]

The Rockport Rock Port

Here is one from the wayback machine.  It’s a three-image-wide panoramic that I took of the harbor in Rockport, MA.  It was shot back in September of 2000 with an Olympus 3030z velcroed to a metal railing.  Though it’s an antique in the digital camera world – it was really amazing at the time and […]

Vernazza Harbor

This picture is of the harbor in Vernazza, Italy – the 4th town in the Cinque Terre.  The Cinque Terre is a unique and picturesque area in northwestern Italy made up of five small towns linked by hiking trails and a rail line.  We stayed in Vernazza in November, 2007 for a few days to […]

Turn Around.. Every now and then..

Here’s a quick photographic inspirational tip – turn around.  Sometimes the better image is behind you!  I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person that has this picture – because it’s at your back when you are at a really spectacular scenic vista near Lanesboro, MN.  When I realized there wasn’t a shot that I […]