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Mishra's Helix

Mishra’s Helix

I love this.  I love the concept of it, I love that it exists.  I loved that somebody created it.  I love that somebody paid for it.  And, I love that I got to take a nice picture of it. What is it?  It’s a giant clock sculpture.  It works – it ticks, it chimes, […]

Chaska Cumulo Mammatus

Chaska Cumulo Mammatus

What are those crazy looking clouds?  These clouds are called Cumulo Mammatus clouds – and they generally accompany the strongest thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.  They are relatively rare – the last ones I saw were three years ago at my brother’s wedding.   Most of my friends in Minneapolis saw these clouds go overhead after […]

Number Eighty One

This my friends is Number Eighty One.  She’s a Wissota B-Modified dirt track stock car – and she’s the pride of Jared Boumeester of Waseca, MN.  Jared just finished building this Skyrocket-framed beast and yesterday was her maiden voyage at the Deer Creek Speedway in southeastern Minnesota.  I was in Waseca yesterday to have my […]

The Horse Knows The Way

Here’s another image from the beautiful frosty morning that I spent at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum a couple of weeks ago.  I love bringing this barn into my images – it’s as if they positioned it on the hill above the meadow to make a perfect background to lead your eye into the image.  Yes, […]

Winter Wonderland

I love winter.  That’s probably good because I live in a state where we get lots of it.  Sometimes I get in a rut like everyone else and think I can’t get out to shoot in the winter because it’s too snowy or cold or drab or whatever.   Frankly, it often is.  On Saturday I […]

Hoarfrost in Minnesota

Today marked a milestone of sorts – it’s the first time in two years that we had a heavy hoarfrost and I didn’t have a prior commitment that kept me from going out to shoot it.  I anticipated we’d get some last night since a pea-soup fog rolled in last evening.  When I woke up […]

Chad Rocks Buffalo

This is Chad Edwards – an awesome country singer that happens to be a good friend of mine.  He’s the real deal – the chaps he’s wearing on his CD cover actually got used to break horses in northern California.  Okay, northern California isn’t the most country place on the planet – but Chad spent […]

Last Rays of November

Now, why on earth don’t I get sunsets like this when I’m on a nature shoot?   The late November sunsets right off of my deck have been spectacular lately – and yesterday’s was no exception.  I was actually running out the door to go over to my wife’s cousin’s place when I saw this […]

Fire and Fog

It’s not my fault the spaghetti almost got burned!  Actually, it is my fault – I saw this sunset forming out of my kitchen window here in Chaska and had to take a picture of it.  After a lousy rainy day, the sunset was a beautiful one with streaks of red and gold high overhead.  […]

Minnewashta Retreat

Today’s shot was taken at Lake Minnewashta only a few miles from my house.  It’s actually my friend Keith’s backyard.  He’s got an absolutely unbelievable spot located right on the lake.  I’m pretty sure I’d have a bonfire just about every night if this were my yard!  I was visiting Keith to talk photography as […]