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Buffalo Soldiers

I like this shot because I feel like General Custer should be in it someplace.  Of course, this was shot this year rather than the late 1800s.  And, it was shot at the Minnesota Zoo rather than South Dakota.  As a North Dakota State grad, Bison have a soft spot in my heart – they […]

Time to Roll!

With only a few days left until RAGBRAI, I had to pull one from the cycling archives from RAGBRAI 2007.  This one was taken shortly after dawn in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa on the last day of the ride.  This was a nicely rolling section that let us make unbelievable time so we […]

This totally blows.

Photo tip of the day – when you’ve got puffy clouds, ALWAYS get out your polarizer!  That’s how you get them to pop out this clearly against the blue sky.  The polarizer makes the blue of the sky much bluer. This shot was from an open house at FarmAmerica in Waseca – the world famous […]

I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

Oh, I love pictures that are right at “that moment”.  There’s no turning back for our friend the pinata – he’s about to spew his guts all over the lawn.  This shot was from the Balance Cycling summer picnic – in which our hosts provided two pinatas.  One was for the kiddies, one for the […]

I’ve Been Working

This is another image taken last fall at the same time I made this image: The Bridge To Somewhere.  It’s the Nicollet Island Railway bridge to downtown Minneapolis.  The framing is a little different and less dramatic – but it looks better in color.  I purposely gave this the classic Velvia look to make the […]

Every Rose Has Its Storms

I really can’t believe it didn’t storm up into something nasty last night – it was Africa-hot around my house last evening.  The skies looked pretty nasty right around sunset, too – so I had to run out and shoot SOMETHING!  Being that I was watching the little ones – I was pretty limited on […]

Farm on the Hill

I’ve seen this shot every time I’ve driven through the Arboretum.  I finally had the opportunity to shoot it as we were setting up for a birthday picnic.  I’d still love to go back and get it right at dusk when the light is better – but I’m happy with how this turned out.  This […]


This shot is from the Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Bloomington.  I made it on Saturday morning as the family was visiting Heather’s mother to say Happy Mother’s Day.  There isn’t much else to be said for the shot – 0ther than that this is a strong reminder of the sacrifices made by our heroes. […]

A Walk in the Woods

Here’s another shot from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  It’s about a hundred yards down the trail from the swamp picture from two days ago.  This picture was a challenge to get – not because of the subject or the conditions, but because I was pushing a stroller down the path and towing a 2.5 year […]

Springtime Swamp Grass

This shot was taken this afternoon at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum near Chanhassen, MN.  I had the kids out for a little getaway while their mother was playing tennis.  Up until now, I had only scouted the three mile road for shots – this was my first time heading down the trail.  It probably was […]