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The First Rule of Warclub is..

The first rule of Warclub.. is that there IS NO WARCLUB. Lake – that is.  This is just off Warclub Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near the end of the Gunflint Trail.  This isn’t the easiest area to get into – and it would be mighty tough if we were fully loaded.  As […]

Lake of the Dead

Sorry Charlie – I can’t remember exactly what lake this is.  I do know that it’s very near Flying Lake just off the Gunflint Trail.  I seriously think a swamp wraith lives in there someplace.  Heather and I were on our way in for 5 days of canoeing with our friends the Tufvanders when we […]

Under the Bridge One Time

This bridge is just south of Mankato on the way to Rapidan.  It’s now a very nice bike trail that we took advantage of to get in one last ride before the winter hit.  It was a beautiful late-October day and we got in about 15 miles of riding with the entire family.  This bridge […]


These hog buildings are located down on the family farm near Blue Earth.  It’s hard to believe that these are some of the better buildings on the farm.  These were a little tough to get to up until recently since the entire area was overgrown until my brother cleared the way. Vital Stats: Canon 40D […]

The Lost Cherry

This fountain outside the Walker art center is a Minneapolis landmark.  No postcard rack is complete without a picture of this fountain sculpture next to the linden seed pond.  If you came looking for it now – you wouldn’t find it.  It seems they have removed the cherry for painting.  It looks strange just seeing […]

Easter Flowers Bring April Showers?

This was the centerpiece at our Easter dinner on Sunday.  I was on a mission to get Easter pictures, and up until after dinner – I had forgotten.  This meant that I had to scramble to keep up – and started firing pictures every which way.  This one was a little more planned out – […]

Cuppa Joe

Sometimes some of the coolest details are the smallest details.  This little icon is only about 2 inches by three inches – and it’s painted on a 2 foot tall wall.  I’m not sure how I spotted it – that’s way below my line of sight with my 2000mm frame.  This coffee emoticon is located […]

A Foggy Morning on Gillis Lake

I’ve decided that late September is the best time to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  There are no bugs, there are no people, and you get these beautiful crystal clear days with low humidity.  Add to that some cool morning temps, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for misty morning photography.  This shot […]

Board the Peace Bell

This is a picture of the Peace Bell presented by Minneapolis’ sister city Ibaraki.  It is located on Nicollet Island very near the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.  Truthfully – it’s not much of a bell at all.  Waving the clapper (it’s the stick at the center of the image) unleashes a sound that I’d describe as: […]

Built to Last

The don’t build ’em like they used to, do they?  This is another view of the railway bridge featured in an earlier shot, The Bridge to Somewhere.  The bridge is located just northeast of downtown Minneapolis and leads from Nicollet Island to the Warehouse District.  This shot is a study in the interesting parallel lines […]