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Gold Medal Bridge

This is the covered bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek in Whistler, BC.  It’s right in the middle of Rebagliati Park – dedicated to Whistler’s very own gold medalist (snowboard in Nagano).  I think we made about three dozen trips across this bridge over the weekend – it was the shortcut to Whistler Villiage.  I was playing […]

Stormy Friday, Part II

This is a companion photo to an image posted earlier.  The previous image, “Batten Down The Hatches” was shot about a minute after this photo – when the storm had become even more threatening. Technically speaking, this isn’t a great shot.  The shutter speed (1/3 sec.) was way too slow resulting in some blurriness – […]

The Night Farm

This farm was supposed to be gone four years ago.  It’s zoned to be a “Med Tech Campus” – but year after year, the farmer replants his crops showing that he’s going to be around for another year.  With a ‘sold’ sign out this year, we thought it was really the end.  The economic slowdown […]

Flying Lake in the Rain

Flying Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a crossroads between a couple of major routes.  As such, I’ve passed through this lake several times either coming or going to somewhere else but I’ve never stayed there since there isn’t a campsite on Flying Lake. It’s a struggle to get to Flying Lake – […]

Valentines Day Bouquet

If you are curious – this is what calling a floral design studio and requesting “Modern Valentine” as a style.  The studio in question is Wisteria in Minneapolis – and it was a big hit (as is all of their work) with the missus. Nothing fancy from a photo perspective – slap on a 50mm, […]

Snake Dancers

The Renaissance Festival is always a great place to bring a camera – everyone is acting or modeling something-or-other.  It might be my wife’s least favorite place on the planet – she claims she has to floss the tub every time we talk about going.  On the way out, we saw this group of snake […]

Old Man River

This is another photo from the fall photowalk that I took over lunch late October.  This picture was taken from the Portland Ave. bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  I never quite realized it, but that bridge vibrates like crazy when somebody drives over it.  This made it tough to get a telephoto shot of the barge […]

They Call It Stormy Monday

This photo is a companion shot to an earlier picture posted on T3 Imagery because it was taken just moments after the other shot facing the other direction.  The other photo was posted back on December 18th, 2008 – “Spring Storms on the Prairie“.  The big wave of black clouds shown in that picture is […]

Turn Around.. Every now and then..

Here’s a quick photographic inspirational tip – turn around.  Sometimes the better image is behind you!  I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person that has this picture – because it’s at your back when you are at a really spectacular scenic vista near Lanesboro, MN.  When I realized there wasn’t a shot that I […]

Just One Windstorm Away

My grandfather was a farmer.  Back in those days, farmers were a lot more generalized – and he raised everything from crops to cows and everything in between.  As a result, he needed a lot of outbuildings – barns, chicken coops, pig barns, and so forth.  This picture is whats left of the cow barn.  […]