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Chad Rocks Buffalo

This is Chad Edwards – an awesome country singer that happens to be a good friend of mine.  He’s the real deal – the chaps he’s wearing on his CD cover actually got used to break horses in northern California.  Okay, northern California isn’t the most country place on the planet – but Chad spent […]

Do Not Feed The Bass Player

I love a captured moment like this – Donavan was in the middle of some wild headbanging during a recent Smokescreen show.  I was on the side of the stage trying to get a perfectly focused capture of the headbang – which is difficult since i’m using a long lens, a long exposure, and a […]

The Devil Went Down To Lakeville

  This is a photo of Dwight, the lead singer of Smokescreen.  I took this shot at Babe’s in Lakeville as they played a rockin’ gig for a full house.  It is so much fun shooting this stuff.. they are great to shoot and the 5D Mark II is a total rockstar in low-light club […]

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

Today’s picture was from a live music shoot that I did right before taking off to Colorado.  The band is Smokescreen – and the drummer Jesse is a very good friend of mine.  When I heard that they were playing within a reasonable distance of my house on a Saturday night, I made the trek […]