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Farm on the Hill

I’ve seen this shot every time I’ve driven through the Arboretum.  I finally had the opportunity to shoot it as we were setting up for a birthday picnic.  I’d still love to go back and get it right at dusk when the light is better – but I’m happy with how this turned out.  This […]

PRINT SALE – Second Beach Sunset

This week’s print sale is one of my favorites.  It was taken April 2008 on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.  It was actually our first night out – and everything came together that night.  You can own a print of this at a very good price.. check it out! All prints are unframed – […]

Christian’s Bale

Okay – sorry for the stupid pun in the title.  This shot is from Whidbey Island over the 4th of July last year.  On the 3rd, Raul and I were wandering the island scouting for good spots.  I always meant to get back here for the golden hour, but it never came together.  I used […]

Mother’s Day at the Farmer’s Market

What better place to find color than the Farmer’s Market?  In the early morning light, the floral blooms are explosive.  Though it looks beautiful out, it was barely over 40 degrees and it was a pretty chilly morning.  We had our traditional cinnamon roll and breatfast sausage – then went about the serious business of […]

A Walk in the Woods

Here’s another shot from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  It’s about a hundred yards down the trail from the swamp picture from two days ago.  This picture was a challenge to get – not because of the subject or the conditions, but because I was pushing a stroller down the path and towing a 2.5 year […]

The First Rule of Warclub is..

The first rule of Warclub.. is that there IS NO WARCLUB. Lake – that is.  This is just off Warclub Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near the end of the Gunflint Trail.  This isn’t the easiest area to get into – and it would be mighty tough if we were fully loaded.  As […]

North Maui Morning

This is a real “early bird gets the worm” kind of shot.  I got up at about 3:30 in the morning and drove an hour down the Hana Highway to get here before the dawn broke.  Even then, I nearly killed myself getting in position on the slippery rock.  I spotted this location on the […]

Old Honey Buffet

This is one from ancient history – my first digital camera.  It was taken in Rockport, MA with an Olympus 3030z that I paid an absolutely outrageous amount of money for by today’s standards.  It was a heck of a camera – for it’s time.  I was amazed that it was able to get such […]

I’m stumped!

The spring storms on the Olympic Peninsula must be epic – giant trees are piled up like so many tinkertoys on every beach.  On a number of them – like Second Beach – a person has to scale over a number of them to even reach the beach.  This is a cool looking stump on […]

A Foggy Morning on Gillis Lake

I’ve decided that late September is the best time to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  There are no bugs, there are no people, and you get these beautiful crystal clear days with low humidity.  Add to that some cool morning temps, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for misty morning photography.  This shot […]