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Late Night Maintenance on the Cumbres and Toltec

Late Night Maintenance on the Cumbres and Toltec

This picture is of the inside the maintenance shop for the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway in Chama, NM.  The 488 had just returned from its daily run bringing tourists over Cumbres pass and was about to be serviced in the Chama shop.  It had departed that morning from Antonito, CO bringing a half-dozen cars […]

I’d Like Your 29.99 Oil Change Special, Please!

Could you imagine the look on the highly paid technician at Jiffy Lube when this guy pulls in? I’ve got another railroad picture for you today.. this time, it’s in the shops in Chama, NM.  This is the Cumbres and Toltec shop where they give each engine a once-over before sending it out for another […]

Zakim Bridge

When I flew into Boston, I got there right before dusk.  As I was leaving the airport – I saw the most spectacular sunset shaping up.  I got parked near the North End and sprinted to the first reasonably good photo location – right in the middle of a bouncy iron bridge.  It was over […]

The North End

One of my favorite places to go in the Boston area is the North End.  This is an Italian enclave where there are so many restaurants packed so close together that you can smell the garlic walking down the street.  Until recently, it was virtually cut off from Boston by the freeways.  Now that the […]


Fast action sports at night are a bugger to shoot – this being no exception.  Every Sunday, Whistler puts on the Fire and Ice extravaganza – an hour of fireworks both of the pyrotechnic and skiing variety.  The culmination of the show is a big ring of fire that the ski instructors jump through.  This […]

Dusk in San Diego

Since I’m here – I thought it would be good to post one from here.  No – it wasn’t taken on this trip, but does it matter?  I don’t actually have any camera gear along this trip – except for a little Canon G9 which hasn’t left my briefcase.  This one was taken in March […]

Night in Vernazza

I love taking night shots – it’s a technical challenge and good ones really look impressive.  The best ones are taken about an hour after dusk when there is still some color in the sky.  Since it was a family trip rather than a photography trip – I was deep into a bowl of seafood […]

Tabasco Cat

This image was from our attempts to get some video in the harbor just across from the San Diego airport.  Once the sun went down, the lights from the city made the most beautiful color swatches across the harbor – and I quickly reverted from video back to stills and started shooting.  I’ve got a […]

Gold Medal Bridge

This is the covered bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek in Whistler, BC.  It’s right in the middle of Rebagliati Park – dedicated to Whistler’s very own gold medalist (snowboard in Nagano).  I think we made about three dozen trips across this bridge over the weekend – it was the shortcut to Whistler Villiage.  I was playing […]

The Night Farm

This farm was supposed to be gone four years ago.  It’s zoned to be a “Med Tech Campus” – but year after year, the farmer replants his crops showing that he’s going to be around for another year.  With a ‘sold’ sign out this year, we thought it was really the end.  The economic slowdown […]