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Blackcomb at Dusk

This was taken on our recent trip to Whistler.  I grabbed my camera on the way to the grocery store so that I could give the 5DII’s low video a workout.  This is the base area of Blackcomb mountain just below the lift.  It’s amazing how it’s now possible to get handheld shots like this […]

Over Teakettle

Every Sunday evening at the base of Whistler Mountain they have the Fire & Ice festival.  Besides fire dancers and fireworks, the main event is the stunt show put on by the Whistler ski school.  At the conclusion of the show, they put up a huge burning ring and jump through it to the delight […]

Hey! That tower isn’t straight!

This image is of something that is sort of famous – the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The first thing you notice is that yep, it’s really leaning.  Actually, that’s the second thing you notice.  The first thing you notice is that the area around the tower is surrounded by sleazy vendors peddling junk.  Fortunately they […]

Disney Night

This shot was taken at Disney World back in January just outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride.  We were waiting in a long line to get on the ride and I had enough time to look around a little and see all the great colors and converging lines overhead.  It was also fun to see […]

The Prinsengracht at Night

In 2005, I had the chance to spend a day in Amsterdam on my way to Bangalore, India for work.  Rather than get a hotel, we rented a houseboat on a canal for two nights to recharge before the long push to India.  I got a few minutes to wander around on a cool November […]

Fire Daisy

This is probably the simplest image I’ll ever post on the T3 Imagery photo blog.  It’s one long exposure of a single fireworks charge.  The usual goal of most fireworks photography is to capture as many bursts as possible.  I went a different route and went for simplicity.  The net result is that a number […]

The Flavian Ampitheater – Part II

I love this shot of the Colosseum in Rome for a bunch of reasons.  First, it’s a night shot.  That’s cool by itself.  Second, due to the time of day and the long exposure – no people are in the shot.  That’s pretty rare for the Colosseum.  We were walking home from dinner at Da […]

Where’s the Mouse?

The family and I spent a lovely day at Disney World last weekend.  With a 2.5 year old, I didn’t expect we’d be able to spend the entire day there.  As the day went on, both kids were in a great mood and were having a fantastic time – even little 8-month-old Elizabeth loved walking […]

Nurse Log at the Hoh

You wouldn’t think sun would be a problem in a rainforest, would you?  The day we went to the Hoh rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, it was a beautiful spring day.  It would have been the perfect day for everything – except rain forest photos.  Regardless, I still like this shot – it […]

Fire and Ice

Whistler is one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) destinations.  We try to go skiing there just about every winter and we even got married there.  Each day just after dusk, they have a stunt show put on by the ski patrol at the base of the mountain.  The grand finale is a […]