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A Snowy Morning

For Christmas Evening, I picked a nice wintry scene.  I tried to find one from Christmas – but can you believe I’ve got nothing better than a snapshot from any of our Christmas gatherings?  I’m apparently too busy focusing on the revelry. This picture was taken on my way to work one wintry morning.  I […]

Northern Lights in the South Metro

About a month after I moved from south Minneapolis to the outer ring suburb of Chaska, my friend Scott called and told me to grab a camera and run outside.  There was a blazing display of Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) going on – painting the sky almost completely overhead.  Being early […]

Night canals in Venice

This picture was taken during my November, 2007 trip to Italy with my family.  Once the rest of my family turned in for the evening, I went out with my gear to get some night canal shots in Venice.  It was probably around 35 degrees F when I took this shot – so my hands […]

The Venice of the North

Brugge (pronounced either BROOZH or BREW-GUH depending on whether you are Flemish or not) is often called the Venice of the North due to the canal system in the city.  This shot was a quick stop on my way back to dinner after forgetting my mini tripod at the B&B.  Though it’s a point-n-shoot photo, […]