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M and K

Back in November, the Karrmanns visited the T3 Imagery studios for some family pictures.  Their daughters M&K really got into it – especially little K.  She hammed it up like nobody’s business! This was shot on white seamless with a single Alien Bees AB800 + reflector. Vital Stats: Canon 40D w/Canon 70-200 f/4L @ 100mm  […]


It’s hazardous visiting temples in India.  You probably won’t suffer physical harm – but your pocketbook is in danger.  At every turn somebody is trying to liberate a few rupees from your pocketbook.  In many ways – the monks are the worst.  On one occasion, I walked around the corner just in time to get […]

Riding off into the sunset

This photo of Dan and Jacqie was taken about an hour after their wedding concluded.   We were down on the beach in LaJolla getting some sunset shots and we had just concluded.  Everyone was strolling to their cars to drive to the reception.  I ran ahead of them with a wide angle lens and fired […]

My New Friend Michel

I met this dude at the bottom of Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler near the rope tow to go back up the glacier.  He obviously won the ‘best mustache ever’ award that year – and probably every year since then.  This gentleman, Michel, personifies a love of skiing for me.  It was dumping hard and visibility […]

A Quick Break from Winter

Here’s a wildlife shot for you from the great state of Colorado.  I was in Greeley, CO for a couple of days earlier this week.  Unlike the snowmageddon we had in Minnesota, it was 60 degrees and sunny while we were there.  We got the chance to sneak to the park and let the kidders […]


This is my good friend Heidi.   I had her over along with the rest of her family to do some family portraits back in January.  At the end of the shoot, I wanted to try a strong backlight photo so I had her jump in and I fired a few quick headshots.  I love how […]

Mr. and Mrs. PinPimp Jr.

Jesse and Tamra – besides being two of the nicest people you’ll meet – have the most awesome gameroom around.  I’m a frequent beneficiary of their hospitality – which includes lots of pinball and cold refreshments. Back in 2008, they requested that I shoot their gameroom for inclusion in a feature article in Gameroom Magazine.  […]

A Rare Self-Portrait

Okay – it’s not much of a self portrait.  For the record – I’m the tall one in the middle.  This was taken in front of our hotel in La Jolla, CA as we were walking along the beach the day before my sister’s wedding.  We were standing here watching seals play in the surf […]

Love in the Air

I was asked to do an engagement sitting for Jacqie and Dan this fall.  We had planned on spending most of the day shooting at the Minnesota Landscape arboretum, but got sidetracked in the studio doing formals – which turned out great, btw. We were able to run over there and get some great shots […]

Snake Dancers

The Renaissance Festival is always a great place to bring a camera – everyone is acting or modeling something-or-other.  It might be my wife’s least favorite place on the planet – she claims she has to floss the tub every time we talk about going.  On the way out, we saw this group of snake […]