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Pretty Maids All In A Row

Photo tip of the day – try to get group shots where people are all on a different level.  Triangle patterns are very dynamic – so are circles.  Whatever the case, try to avoid the ‘lets all stand in a row’ formation. This is Whitney (the bride) and her beautiful bridesmaids at her wedding last […]


I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of Whitney and Jim last weekend in Northfield.  This is Whitney – the beautiful bride.  It was a ton of fun to shoot – Whitney and Jim were great sports and their bridal party were a lot of fun.  This picture was taken in front of some […]

Elizabeth and Grandma

Here’s another shot from Elizabeth’s first birthday portrait session.  Grandma set the session up and was very excited about getting her portrait taken with little Elizabeth.  Since we were doing diaper shots right after this (of Elizabeth, not Grandma).. it was REALLY warm in the studio when we took these shots. Vital Stats: Canon 5D […]

Elizabeth’s Cake Smash

I had to do it – the traditional messy birthday cake session.  Elizabeth recently turned one – so it was time to get a cake and load up on cleaning products.  She’s got a pretty good sweet tooth – so we expected the cake to be a big hit.  After a few tentative fingers poking […]

Walking into the Sunset

This shot was taken at a wedding I shot in La Jolla, CA last fall.  I picked this shot today for three reasons: I was back in La Jolla today I went to see David Ziser talk about portrait/wedding photography today I LOVE the shot This shot was taken with a super-wide zoom as I […]

Lady Party

You’re never too young to have your first Lady Party.  Elizabeth got together with her two best local gal pals – Eva and Annika.  Now – it was sippy cups and brownies.  In twenty years – Margaritas? Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/24-105 f/4L @ 95mm  ISO 100, f/13, 1/160 sec. All went well […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello?  It’s me, Elizabeth.  Guess what?  It’s my birthday!  I’m one year old today! It’s hard to believe my little one is a year already – amazing how it flies by.  In a year she’s already become a little person with a full personality that walks around and has opinions on things.  She also knows […]

Gimme a kiss, baby!

This is a picture from the night I was trying to dial in all the studio gear.  I had just recieved my first AlienBees light as well as a reflector, back background, and radio controls. Fortunately, both kids were in a great mood – and giggled a lot during the shoot. Vital Stats: Canon 40D […]

Ready for the Runway

Here’s another shot of my favorite little girl Elizabeth.  She’s just as pleased as can be that she can stand and you can see it on her face.  She also thought the flashes were pretty funny – as well as the noises that Daddy the Photographer was making. Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon […]


This is my friend Heidi.  We had just finished shooting family pictures and I wanted to try a new lightset for shooting headshots.   I love how it turned out – very dramatic.  It doesn’t hurt that you can’t take a bad picture of Heidi either! Vital Stats: Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon 70-200 f/4L @ […]