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Check Out My Pink Dress!

The last time I tried shooting my kids in the studio, it was Christmas.  With my daughter’s upcoming first birthday, it was high time to try again.  Elizabeth had just woken up from her nap, but was in a pretty good mood.  All that changed when we put her in the rocking chair that my […]

Sue and Jason

These are our friends Sue and Jason.  They came over with their family to do a fall portrait session so they’d have some updated family pictures and a nice Christmas card shot.  They were naturals and we ended up with some fantastic shots.  Truthfully – it would have been just about impossible to take a […]

Pretty in Pink

This is baby Olivia – the daughter of Beth and Raul.  She’s about 3 months old in this picture and just a sweetheart of a little girl.  When I was in Seattle in February on my way home from Whistler, I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of Olivia for her mommy.  She’s […]

In Memoriam

This picture unfortunately represents both the beginning and the end of life.  The two gentlemen in the photo are Doral Miller, age 96 and Jacob Collins, his great-grandson, age 3 weeks.  Doral is also my wife’s grandfather. A short bout with cancer that started just before this photo was taken claimed his life yesterday.  He […]

Love in the Air

I was asked to do an engagement sitting for Jacqie and Dan this fall.  We had planned on spending most of the day shooting at the Minnesota Landscape arboretum, but got sidetracked in the studio doing formals – which turned out great, btw. We were able to run over there and get some great shots […]

Me and Mini-Me

This image was from a family / newborn shoot that I did down in Florida in early January.  Little Jacob was only a couple of weeks old when this picture was taken.  It was taken in the back yard of my brother-in-law’s house in a nicely shaded area to get out of the hard Florida […]

Cello, Dolly!

I spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon with the Sheard family in the T3 Imagery studios in mid-January.  Their daughter Madeline is  a cello student and they brought her instrument along for the shoot.  To set up the shot, I put plexiglass down over the seamless white paper to get the nice reflections.  I used my […]

It’s a Neighborly Thing

These are my neighbors.  They came over to get some nice family photographs of themselves and their two girls to use for a Christmas card shot.  After shooting away at the girls, I had the whole family join in for this family portrait.  I used standard seamless white paper for the background and a Canon […]

Bridal Bouquet

Time for another beautiful bridal shot.  This one was taken just moments before the ceremony started in a private little courtyard just behind the park where the wedding took place.  It was sort of tough conditions – direct Southern California sun at mid-afternoon.  This helped make a nice contrasty shot that translated well into this […]

Portrait Shoot at the Warrens

Ah, the life of a rockstar photographer.  I get to jetset around and shoot the rich and famous at their homes.  This is a shot from a portrait shoot with the Warren Family from last weekend in Orlando.  They are a pretty crazy family, so I really wanted to catch them at their playful best.  […]