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One More From The Road

  Here’s another RAGBRAI shot – this one from 2005.  This one was from the last day that year at the top of a long climb.  I made it up first – and stopped to wait for the rest of the crew.  Again, this was shot with a cheap point and shoot – and I’m […]

Mister Seven

Recognize the man in black (and yellow)?  Yep – it’s Mr. Livestrong himself.  Since it’s the starting day of RAGBRAI, I thought I’d post a snapshot taken at RAGBRAI 2006 of Lance riding through a small town in Iowa. Techically – it’s nothing to write home about.  I had about 15 seconds to pull my […]

Time to Roll!

With only a few days left until RAGBRAI, I had to pull one from the cycling archives from RAGBRAI 2007.  This one was taken shortly after dawn in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa on the last day of the ride.  This was a nicely rolling section that let us make unbelievable time so we […]


Fast action sports at night are a bugger to shoot – this being no exception.  Every Sunday, Whistler puts on the Fire and Ice extravaganza – an hour of fireworks both of the pyrotechnic and skiing variety.  The culmination of the show is a big ring of fire that the ski instructors jump through.  This […]

My New Friend Michel

I met this dude at the bottom of Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler near the rope tow to go back up the glacier.  He obviously won the ‘best mustache ever’ award that year – and probably every year since then.  This gentleman, Michel, personifies a love of skiing for me.  It was dumping hard and visibility […]

Over Teakettle

Every Sunday evening at the base of Whistler Mountain they have the Fire & Ice festival.  Besides fire dancers and fireworks, the main event is the stunt show put on by the Whistler ski school.  At the conclusion of the show, they put up a huge burning ring and jump through it to the delight […]

Surfin’ Bird

This was taken at a little beach just outside of Hana on Maui.  We had driven to see the Seven Sacred Pools for the afternoon and stopped by this little locals beach on the way back.  There were several locals out surfing on a beautiful fall day – and this young lady was one of […]

Team C4 Joins with a Bang

This is the third of four Minneathlon 2.0 team pictures that I want to share.  This is Team C4 – Dan and Steve.  Most teams came to me with an idea of what they wanted to do – and they were no exception.  They rounded up the skeleton from the ME department and my practice […]

Nurse Log at the Hoh

You wouldn’t think sun would be a problem in a rainforest, would you?  The day we went to the Hoh rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, it was a beautiful spring day.  It would have been the perfect day for everything – except rain forest photos.  Regardless, I still like this shot – it […]

Fire and Ice

Whistler is one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) destinations.  We try to go skiing there just about every winter and we even got married there.  Each day just after dusk, they have a stunt show put on by the ski patrol at the base of the mountain.  The grand finale is a […]