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Mishra's Helix

Mishra’s Helix

I love this.  I love the concept of it, I love that it exists.  I loved that somebody created it.  I love that somebody paid for it.  And, I love that I got to take a nice picture of it. What is it?  It’s a giant clock sculpture.  It works – it ticks, it chimes, […]

The Purple Rose of Spring

In honor of the winter-like weather the Californians seem to think we are having here in Newport Beach, I’m putting up a powerful image of spring.  Seriously, I saw a guy yesterday wearing a stocking cap and scarf in 70 degree weather.  It’s a simple image made from our Easter bouquet shot with very low […]

4 Million BC

Here’s a glamor shot of my newest toy – a 1971 Bally 4 Million BC.  I’m not really into the old-school pins – but I’ve always liked this game.  When an opportunity came up to buy one locally, I couldn’t turn it down. It’s surprisingly difficult to shoot pinball machines.  If you use a flash, […]

Window Dressing

Here’s a quick blast of color for you on this Tuesday morning.  It’s one of the many flowerboxes located on Acorn Street in Boston.  Most of the row houses on this 8′ wide street have ornate flower boxes.  This is one of the reasons it’s such a photogenic alley – there is color everywhere!  It […]

Crayola Kayaks

This is a classic example of ‘If you see a lot of color, take a picture of it’.  This is the row of rental sea kayaks located in Rockport, MA just behind where the famous Motif #1 is located.  I used a lot of zoom to compress the perspective and make it look like a […]

Oh Buoy!

This picture was taken in Rockport, MA right near the famous Motif #1 in the inner harbor.  There’s an old photography adage that says “If you see something colorful, take a picture of it.”  This absolutely screams color – and it really sums the town up.  Rockport is a lobster fishing town turned tourist destination […]

Wheels of Yesteryear

Today was my mother’s birthday – and we spent it as a family together in Waseca.  During the afternoon, we went to Farmamerica – an Agricultural Interpretive Center because they were having a family day with a petting zoo.  William had great fun milking a goat, looking at pigs and ducks, and getting inside the […]

Gimme a kiss, baby!

This is a picture from the night I was trying to dial in all the studio gear.  I had just recieved my first AlienBees light as well as a reflector, back background, and radio controls. Fortunately, both kids were in a great mood – and giggled a lot during the shoot. Vital Stats: Canon 40D […]

Easter Flowers Bring April Showers?

This was the centerpiece at our Easter dinner on Sunday.  I was on a mission to get Easter pictures, and up until after dinner – I had forgotten.  This meant that I had to scramble to keep up – and started firing pictures every which way.  This one was a little more planned out – […]

Lost in the Zone

This is my old Bally Twilight Zone pinball machine.  I don’t own it any more – but my good friend Adam does.  This shot was taken the day before it left my house. See anything unusual about this picture?  Sure – it looks surreal – but why? The answer is the focus.  There is a […]