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Tabasco Cat

This image was from our attempts to get some video in the harbor just across from the San Diego airport.  Once the sun went down, the lights from the city made the most beautiful color swatches across the harbor – and I quickly reverted from video back to stills and started shooting.  I’ve got a […]

Three Hundred Rocks

Yeah, I know.  There are a lot less than 300 rocks here.  It’s so named because I gave it the ‘300’ look (from the movie) using Adobe Lightroom.  Truthfully, I’m not that into macro photography.  To kill time after a mediocre shoot, we started pointing the cameras down just to see if we get any […]

Valentines Day Bouquet

If you are curious – this is what calling a floral design studio and requesting “Modern Valentine” as a style.  The studio in question is Wisteria in Minneapolis – and it was a big hit (as is all of their work) with the missus. Nothing fancy from a photo perspective – slap on a 50mm, […]


This picture was taken on a trip to Sonoma, CA on our one year anniversary.  We stayed at a great resort with gardens everywhere right in Sonoma – and this larger-than-life chess set was right on the grounds.   This was one of the first sets of pictures taken with our mutual anniversary present – a […]

Tutti Frutti

There is an old photographic adage – if something is colorful, take a picture of it!  It’s hard to get much more colorful than the selection of ice cream at this coffee shop near Orlando, FL.  We were on a walk to check out the small downtown area of Windermere, FL when we stopped for […]

Ride the Cyclone!

This is a low angle balls-eye view of my gone-but-not-forgotten Williams Cyclone pinball machine.  I took it as part of an aborted “Project 365” attempt where I’d theoretically take a picture every day for a year.  I lasted 10 days.  This also was an attempt at using Live View on the 40D, with the focal […]