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Dark Desert Highway

On a Dark Desert Highway

… cool wind in my hair.. warm smell of colitas.. rising up through the air… No, this isn’t California.. and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to stay at whatever the closest hotel is to this spot, though there is a pretty nice campground at the Valley of Fire. The obvious question would be: “If […]

Number Eighty One

This my friends is Number Eighty One.  She’s a Wissota B-Modified dirt track stock car – and she’s the pride of Jared Boumeester of Waseca, MN.  Jared just finished building this Skyrocket-framed beast and yesterday was her maiden voyage at the Deer Creek Speedway in southeastern Minnesota.  I was in Waseca yesterday to have my […]

The Vltava Waterfront

The Vltava River runs right through Prague, Czech Republic.  Heather and I were there in June, 2006 – just a few short months before our family became three.  Prague is a beautiful city – the communists managed to not screw all of it up!  This shot was taken near the opera house and is just […]

One More From The Road

  Here’s another RAGBRAI shot – this one from 2005.  This one was from the last day that year at the top of a long climb.  I made it up first – and stopped to wait for the rest of the crew.  Again, this was shot with a cheap point and shoot – and I’m […]

Mister Seven

Recognize the man in black (and yellow)?  Yep – it’s Mr. Livestrong himself.  Since it’s the starting day of RAGBRAI, I thought I’d post a snapshot taken at RAGBRAI 2006 of Lance riding through a small town in Iowa. Techically – it’s nothing to write home about.  I had about 15 seconds to pull my […]

Lookin’ up Acorn Street

Here’s one last shot from my Acorn Street series – this one shot from the foot of the one-block historic alley.  By this time, it was late enough in the morning that shooting from the top really wasn’t feasible due to the angle of the light. I love the angle and perspective of the shot […]

Lal Bagh Tower

This shot is of Lal Bagh Tower – situated in Lal Bagh Gardens in Bangalore, India.  It’s sitting on the Peninsular Gneissic Rock hill in the gardens – which is supposed to be one of the oldest rocks on the planet clocking in at somewhere around 3000 million years old.  Give or take a few, […]

It’s the Ghost Light!

No, it’s not the moon.  It’s actually a Sno-Cat out doing the nightly grooming runs on Blackcomb Mountain.  Every night you can see several of these methodically working their way up and down the mountain getting the corderoy ready for the next morning.  Like many ski resort towns – Whistler has itself all decked out […]

Stars and Cars

Last 4th of July, my family and I were on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington staying with our friend Beth.  That little community pulled out all of the stops – parades, contests, food, and of course.. fireworks.  I’ve never seen so many fireworks.  At the end of the parade, there was a formation […]

Manarola Peschereccio

We’re back!  Sorry for the short outage over the weekend – Apache wasn’t happy and the wizards behind the scenes at T3 Imagery had to make the appropriate sacrifices to get ‘er running again.  Thanks to Wizard Erik for the support! Today’s shot is from Manarola in the Cinque Terre.  It’s one of the five […]