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Window Dressing

Here’s a quick blast of color for you on this Tuesday morning.  It’s one of the many flowerboxes located on Acorn Street in Boston.  Most of the row houses on this 8′ wide street have ornate flower boxes.  This is one of the reasons it’s such a photogenic alley – there is color everywhere!  It […]

Acorn Path

Here’s the most photographed and toughest to get to street in Boston once again.  It’s Acorn Street, located in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.   This time, I’m ‘low and wide’ – shooting at 17mm about a foot off the ground to exaggerate the foreground and the length of the road.  It gives it […]

At Last

If having it rain on your wedding day brings you luck – Whitney and Jim will be very lucky indeed!  This was a doozy of a shot to try to get – since doing a ‘trash the dress’ shoot prior to the service is bad form.  I also didn’t want to figure out just what […]

The North End

One of my favorite places to go in the Boston area is the North End.  This is an Italian enclave where there are so many restaurants packed so close together that you can smell the garlic walking down the street.  Until recently, it was virtually cut off from Boston by the freeways.  Now that the […]

Acorn Street, Boston

This is a picture of Acorn Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  It apparently has the distinction of being the most photographed street in Boston.  I had actually never heard of it – but by searching through SmugMug for good photo locations, I stumbled across it.  It’s a good thing, too – because […]

Walking into the Sunset

This shot was taken at a wedding I shot in La Jolla, CA last fall.  I picked this shot today for three reasons: I was back in La Jolla today I went to see David Ziser talk about portrait/wedding photography today I LOVE the shot This shot was taken with a super-wide zoom as I […]

Orvieto Hillside

The hill town of Orvieto is between Rome and Tuscany in central Italy.  These towns are built on plateaus – presumably for security in ancient times.  Orvieto was frequently used as a refuge by the Pope when the going got rough.  This shot is of some medieval ruins near the funicular station. Vital Stats: Canon […]

Night in Vernazza

I love taking night shots – it’s a technical challenge and good ones really look impressive.  The best ones are taken about an hour after dusk when there is still some color in the sky.  Since it was a family trip rather than a photography trip – I was deep into a bowl of seafood […]

View from the Taj

Sometimes you just have to shoot out of your hotel window. This is the first thing I saw on my first morning in India.  I arrived way after midnight and it took literally hours to get my bags.  By the time I got to the hotel, it was somewhere around 3:30 AM.  Fortunately I didn’t […]

The Fat Man

This picture is one from the archives of pre-history.  It’s pre-DSLR, and pre-had-a-clue… not that I’ve got one now.  It was taken on the sculpture bridge in Whistler Villiage.  It’s a small stereoscope viewer that looks at the little fat man at the end.  I’ve always thought this was kind of a cool shot – […]