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That’s a nice dingy you’ve got there!

This picture was taken at one of the small marinas that line Coronado Island in San Diego.  Jon Cornforth and I were scouting the area for a good sunrise picture of San Diego and went for a walk along the island.  These dinghys were piled up on the beach waiting for their owners to take […]

Vernazza Boats

This is a shot from the little town of Vernazza in Italy.  Vernazza is the fourth of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre area of Italy.  This view was right out in front of our hotel – we were staying in the yellow building right in the center of the frame.  We […]

The Other Side

This image was captured as I was on a scouting mission for Minneathlon 2.0.  I was out hiking with Erik Anderson and Matt Tilstra looking for good challenge locations right at dusk.  This was my view of the skyline as we were walking back to the office.  It’s not the most common view of the […]

Blackcomb at Dusk

This was taken on our recent trip to Whistler.  I grabbed my camera on the way to the grocery store so that I could give the 5DII’s low video a workout.  This is the base area of Blackcomb mountain just below the lift.  It’s amazing how it’s now possible to get handheld shots like this […]

The Prinsengracht at Night

In 2005, I had the chance to spend a day in Amsterdam on my way to Bangalore, India for work.  Rather than get a hotel, we rented a houseboat on a canal for two nights to recharge before the long push to India.  I got a few minutes to wander around on a cool November […]

Old Man River

This is another photo from the fall photowalk that I took over lunch late October.  This picture was taken from the Portland Ave. bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  I never quite realized it, but that bridge vibrates like crazy when somebody drives over it.  This made it tough to get a telephoto shot of the barge […]

Bangalore Market

Honestly, this is a pretty poor picture from a technical viewpoint.  It’s really grainy and it’s a severe crop from another image.  Considering what I had to go through to get this picture, it’s a triumph. This shot was taken out the window of our car as we braved three hours of traffic in Bangalore […]

Under The Bridge One Time

This picture is of the underside of the Hennepin Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River coming out of downtown Minneapolis.  I was on a scouting mission for Minneathlon 2.0 with my friends Matt and Erik as we passed underneath the bridge on Nicollet Island.  I love the converging lines and the reflections coming off the […]

A Ford of July Parade

My family and I spent the Fourth of July this year the way my wife spent it as a child – on Whidbey Island, WA.  Heather’s best friend’s family owns a cabin a block from a beach in a small community on the south end of the island.  The island does an old fashioned 4th […]

Ana’s Playground

My brother-in-law has a job that has to sound fun to anyone – he’s a stuntman.  In November, he came to Minneapolis to assist his good friend Eric Howell with the making of a film called Ana’s Playground.  It’s a short movie being filmed to raise awareness about child soldiers around the world. Todd invited […]