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Chaska Cumulo Mammatus

Chaska Cumulo Mammatus

What are those crazy looking clouds?  These clouds are called Cumulo Mammatus clouds – and they generally accompany the strongest thunderstorms that produce tornadoes.  They are relatively rare – the last ones I saw were three years ago at my brother’s wedding.   Most of my friends in Minneapolis saw these clouds go overhead after […]

The Horse Knows The Way

Here’s another image from the beautiful frosty morning that I spent at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum a couple of weeks ago.  I love bringing this barn into my images – it’s as if they positioned it on the hill above the meadow to make a perfect background to lead your eye into the image.  Yes, […]

Stormy Friday, Part II

This is a companion photo to an image posted earlier.  The previous image, “Batten Down The Hatches” was shot about a minute after this photo – when the storm had become even more threatening. Technically speaking, this isn’t a great shot.  The shutter speed (1/3 sec.) was way too slow resulting in some blurriness – […]

They Call It Stormy Monday

This photo is a companion shot to an earlier picture posted on T3 Imagery because it was taken just moments after the other shot facing the other direction.  The other photo was posted back on December 18th, 2008 – “Spring Storms on the Prairie“.  The big wave of black clouds shown in that picture is […]

Wedding Showers

Weddings are always momentous occasions – sometimes for interesting reasons.  There were multiple tornado warnings during my brother’s wedding in Southern Minnesota this summer – some only fifteen miles away.  By the time the wedding and reception was done, the air was still turbulent enough to create rare cumulo mammatus clouds – only produced in […]

Ice Cream Night

We joined the Tufvanders and the Tjornhoms at the Landscape Arboretum for Ice Cream Night and a picnic.  Right around dusk, a nasty looking squall blew through but failed to produce anything other than some strong wind gusts.  As we were heading to the car, the bright light from the setting sun made a big […]

A Snowy Morning

For Christmas Evening, I picked a nice wintry scene.  I tried to find one from Christmas – but can you believe I’ve got nothing better than a snapshot from any of our Christmas gatherings?  I’m apparently too busy focusing on the revelry. This picture was taken on my way to work one wintry morning.  I […]

Batten Down the Hatches!

I had originally planned to bike the 25 miles home from work the night this shot was taken.  At the end of the work day, it was over 100 degrees and very humid.  On top of all that, there was a steady 30mph headwind that would have made the trip home sheer misery.  I called […]